As a man who gets up by 3 am every weekday, I can appreciate the value of sleep. I get 6 hours a night on a good night. I have always been told the body needs at least 8. That is not all true. You can get by on 7 hours of sleep and it's not your body that needs the rest, it's you brain. Your body can keep going and going on minimal rest. You may be a little slower but your body won't shut down. Your mind, on the other hand, actually needs to shut down and reboot itself. If your brain doesn't get the rest it needs you will only be a percentage of what you could be.

Many other countries encourage naps in the workplace. I am not saying that you should throw down an air mattress in your cubicle and fall into a puddle of drool but a five minute car siesta in the parking lot is not an awful idea. It is amazing how much better your day goes if you just shut down for a few minutes each day and let your brain breathe. Don't take your rest for granted. You need it to be the best you that you can be. Wake me in 15 minutes.