We all work hard and do good things. We do them because it is what we are supposed to do. It is amazing how much better it feels to do these things if they are noted. Husbands have the ability to demand acknowledgement. We will vacuum the house and make sure we announce it the minute our wives walk through the door. A pat on the back is all we really need. Telling someone they did a good job goes a long way. We would all love more money but some kind words can sure take it's place.

I can tell you when we were just named finalists for the Marconi Awards we received several emails from coworkers congratulating us on the achievement. That felt better than anything in the world. You want those you work for and with to be proud of you. It doesn't take much to just acknowledge someone. Think about when you let someone cut in front of you in traffic. You wait to see if they will throw up a "thank you wave". If they do you smile and say "you're welcome", if they don't wave you think they are a jerk. You just wanted acknowledgement that you did something nice.

Don't ignore kindness or effort. Make it a point to hand out compliments and notice when someone does good. We all feel better when we are recognized. You can make someones day with just a few words or a pat on the back.