You can call me weak, but I think jalapenos are too hot, and according to the Scoville scale which measures heat in peppers, they are between 30 and 60 times less spicy than a habenero. OUCH! The peppers are so hot that they became the culprit at a major haz-mat situation at a Colorado school yesterday (April 8th). 

Seven students at a Lakewood school were sent to area hospitals, and about two dozen other students and a teacher's aide were decontaminated on site Monday afternoon after an unknown irritant caused burning eyes and itchy skin.

Turns out that the culprit wasn't some sort of foreign substance like anthrax or something similar that would normally cause a haz-mat situation, but instead someones dinner... Six habanero peppers scattered in the wood chips of the playground where the children had the mysterious reaction are being blamed.

School will be back in session Wednesday, and I bet no one will be having Mexican food for lunch!