Okay he wasn't a ghost, he was very alive but it was still really cool. I woke up yesterday all excited and nervous. I couldn't wait for the game. I wanted to confident but was still feeling a bit leery as to whether the Broncos could beat the Patriots or not. Little did I know how that all was about to change.

My buddy Bob Purcell gave me a call and wanted to show me the building where the restaurant he opening in April is located. We decided we would kill the morning there checking things out while we waited for kickoff. We were sitting in the gutted building talking about the upcoming game when all the sudden the front doors open and in walks former Bronco star Simon Fletcher. He was in search of some mac and cheese and thought the building we were in was still open. He was disappointed to get no mac and cheese but preceded to hang out and talk about business and football.

I asked Simon if he thought the Bronco would win and he told me there was no way Peyton Manning was going to lose and that Eric Decker was the key to victory. He also told me that home field advantage would push the Broncos to a win. I asked Simon if the fans really make a difference. I said that we all like to think that we do but wanted to know if the players really feel it. He told that one time before a huge game against the Raiders that he and the rest of the Broncos were lined up in the tunnel waiting to take the field. He said he turned to the rest of the players and said "Do you guys hear that? Do you hear that crowd? If we want this as bad as they do we cannot be stopped." They then went out and pounded the Raiders. The cheering makes a huge difference. I knew that we mattered, now I had proof.

I left there confident of victory and the Broncos went on to play the most complete game they have played all year. What a win!!! Super Bowl baby. I cannot wait. Thank you Simon for pumping me up and for being such a good dude. Go Broncos!!