When out shopping and enjoying a nice afternoon it creeps up on you, hunger. It must be all the searching for the perfect outfit, swimsuit, dress or whatever. Or the trying everything on, but sooner or later it hits with no warning and you must decide that moment where to go and get something to eat. Typically you chose a place nearby, so was the case for me. It's a restaurant I've been to before, one of the few still offering a salad bar and that is a big plus for me. But this Fort Collins restaurant, a chain, mislead me on one of their menu items.

Jumbo Shrimp D Dennison

Maybe I'm just a snob or have high expectations when I go out to eat, which could be true and I wouldn't fight it or get angry if someone were to say that to me, but really I think anyone would feel the same as I did when my plate arrived.

I have primarily been eating shrimp and fish lately and don't care for Tilapia, another menu possibility, so I decided on the 'Jumbo' shrimp. I usually would get the petite sirloin with grilled zucchini with the salad bar, and for the price point of $14.99 it's a great deal and is always good.

Above you'll see my plate, it came with three skewers, 9 'Jumbo' shrimp. Do you see what I'm complaining about yet? Maybe it's because I've lived in Florida and know the true meaning of a jumbo shrimp, maybe it's because these were smaller than the bag I buy in the freezer section at my grocery store, maybe it's because I think these are more like bait than 'Jumbo' shrimp. I was so disappointed that I, yes me, was at a loss for words. My Natasha was dining with me and she said say something, I asked her and what does one say in this case? It's not the servers fault that corporate chains call this 'Jumbo', it's not even the store GM's fault. After a bit of prodding from my daughter I did call the server over, I was very polite and just said that I was disappointed and thought that the menu was misleading. She apologized and got the GM, an incredibly nice man (like over the top genuinely nice man) I felt bad and again was at a loss for words. I just said that I thought the menu was misleading, that I knew it wasn't his fault, yet had I known that I would be receiving 9 basically salad shrimp, I would not have ordered this dish for $15.99. He offered me more skewers and I said no that is fine (it's more the way the shrimp taste when they are truly jumbo verses mere bait size, not the quantity-I didn't say that aloud to him), then he said let me pay for your meal. He truly is the best and nicest GM I've ever run into when faced with an unhappy customer. I will go back to Ruby Tuesday, but I won't ever order the 'Jumbo' shrimp again.

Out of curiosity, what would you have done or said, if anything. Please leave a comment below, even if you think that I was wrong. Thank you!