There is talk that the ban would affect all open fires with few exceptions, and yes that would mean no FIREWORKS!


The Coloradoan has posted on Facebook that the Larimer County Sheriff's office will be asking the Commissioners for a fire ban. A fire ban would include all open fires. The exceptions to the ban would be contained fires in grills and camp stoves. The ban would also prohibit all fireworks.

So far popular reaction to this news on social media sites is disappointment, sadness and almost angry. I understand that parties will be different this coming Fourth of July and the thought of no City Park Fireworks is a let down, but please keep in mind that this move would be for our safety.

There are currently up to 15 fires being tracked in the state. And the news from the South Fork fire is not good, looks like the chances of saving this town are slim to none. The town was evacuated this morning. The fire more than doubled over night burning nearly 13 thousand acres. Remember the "National Lampoon's Vacation" the fictional family camped in South Fork in the 1983 film. And although 100% contained as of today, the Black Forest fire claimed over 14 thousand acres, destroyed 509 homes and claimed two lives.

As soon as we know more about the potential ban being proposed we will update you.