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One of the worst things about customer service is being on hold.  The dreaded wait times.  How long would you wait?

As Yahoo Tech reported, a customer that tried to cancel his account with Comcast, was promptly put on hold.  Big surprise right?  How long he was on hold though is what is ridiculous.

Aaron Spain, not only spent a ridiculous amount of time on hold, but decided to make a video of his experience.  He spent three-and-a-half hours on hold until Comcast’s customer retention offices came back on the line and said they had closed for the day.

Now anyone can say they had a horrible experience, but he proves it when he held his phone up to the camera.  It showed  that he had indeed been on the phone with Comcast’s phone number (1-800-266-2278, a.k.a., 1-800-COMCAST) for three hours.

What is your most horrifying customer service experience?