A boy and his tractor are hard to separate.  We took my grandson Zander to the Larimer County Fair last night and all he wanted to do was jump on all the tractors. He just loves them, but what boy doesn't. I would love to see him keep this love alive all of his life. I love the farming community and am so thankful for all they do. Zander is already a little farm boy at heart and the county fair is the perfect place to celebrate that way of life. He also got his first real pony ride!

To watch this little guy run around the fairgrounds was a slice of heaven for me. He was as happy as I am when they put new hot items on the buffet. There were so many memorable moments with him last night. When he was climbing off of one of the big pieces of machinery last night a couple buddies from the Colorado Ice came out and gave him his very own Colorado Ice football. What a kind thing to do. We were both very excited. I held the ball all night. County fairs are always a great gathering place and I am so thankful for all the kindness showed to us

throughout the event. Hats off to all involved. We had a blast!!