One of Country's True Gentlemen, Aaron Watson, Turns 41 Today
There are few people in this business that I admire, appreciate and respect as much as I do Aaron Watson. I have not only been a fan of this man's music for years, I have been a fan of the man, who he is and how he lives. Aaron has done it his way and never compromised his sound or style for an…
The Greatest Gift From Losing All This Weight
Ever since losing 140 lbs my life has changed in so many ways. My mind and body are both brand new and I am still getting to know them and what they can do. There have been so many amazing things that I have experienced or felt since the weight loss but yesterday was a perfect example of the greates…
Greeley StarTek Shutting Down
By Halloween, about 200 people will be out of work at StarTek in Greeley. Though, they will be able to apply at the other locations, including two in Colorado.

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