You can only assume this was a family vacation gone horribly wrong.

A young girl was learning to shoot a semi-automatic rifle at a shooting range an hour outside of Las Vegas- and she accidentally shoots and kills the instructor she's with.

Richard Heathcote, Getty Images

It's hard to imagine what this family is going through today; though it's not hard to imaging the heated debates that will begin, after a little girl killed a man while learning how to shoot an Uzi submachine gun.

At the Bullets and Burgers shooting range- about an hour outside of Las Vegas, they pride themselves on not only their tasty hamburgers, but their Desert Storm/military bunkers setting. To me, right there, that's where this story has gone off the rails: "Let's get some burgers, and do some shooting!"

At Bullets and Burgers kids as young as 8-years-old can learn to shoot weapons under adult supervision.  In this case, the 9-year-old girl was learning to shoot an Israeli-made Uzi submachine gun and things went horribly wrong.

From CNN:

In the [video,} {instructor] Vacca and the girl are at an outdoor range. The wind blows a target in the distance. Vacca shows the child how to hold the gun then helps her establish her grip and her stance. She fires one round and dirt flies above the target. Vacca adjusts the Uzi, places his right hand on her back and his left under her right arm.

She fires several rounds in rapid succession and the gun kicks to the left as she loses control. The video ends before the fatal head shot. 

In this video below, from Bullets and Burgers' YouTube site, a little boy (about 9-years-old) gets behind a semi-automatic.