I love coffee and when I can find more reasons to drink it, I gotta pass it on. Here come 8 good reasons to pick up your coffee cup.

8 Reasons to Drink Coffee TSM

8 Good Reasons to Pick Up Your Coffee Cup:

  • Performance: So Researchers in the UK have found that when they gave athletes caffeinated drinks, including coffee they out performed those who did not have caffeinated drinks
  • Antioxidant Boost: Arabica coffee beans are said to be rich in antioxidant compounds
  • Mood Enhancer: According to the National Institute of Health, those who drink 4 or more cups of coffee are 10% less likely to be depressed, significantly lowering the risk of suicide
  • Lower Heart-Disease Risk: A recent animal study suggests that coffee may positively impact blood vessel function and blood flow
  • Dodge Diabetes: A meta-analysis in the European Journal of Nutrition stated that for every two cups of regular or decaf coffee you consume per day, your risk for type 2 diabetes decreases by 10 to 12 percent
  • Increase Brain Function: Research shows that the antioxidants in coffee may help protect the brain from cognitive loss and delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease
  • Protect Your Liver: Liver disease research shows that drinking one to two cups of coffee a day can protect the liver, especially for those at risk of poor liver health, like people who drink more than two alcoholic beverages a day.
  • Relieve Stress: Coffee contains aroma compounds that positively affect the senses. A study showed that mice that were 'maze tested' with the scent of coffee in the testing area proved to be less anxious than mice without it.

Where should we meet for coffee? Drink up and Enjoy!