From time to time you'll notice people counting down special events in their lives. What about the folks that don't have anything currently to countdown?

This time of year you have happy go lucky would be vacationers planning their vacations and counting them down on Facebook... some even place silly countdown calendars on their desktops or use a physical board on their actual desks. This lead me to ask ... what about the guy or gal that doesn't have a vacation coming up and the holidays are just too far away to start counting down their arrival.

This can be cause for a long summer so I propose we find something to countdown.

Let's countdown the days till school supply shopping or your annual check up... OR we could countdown one of the most amazing days in northern Colorado this summer.  Ronnie Dunn hits the stage at the Budweiser Event Center August 16. A main attraction, a big deal event, right hear in our backyard. There are no reservations to make... no passports to obtain... Just you, me and your best singing voice cause you know we're gonna sing!

Have you cleared your throat yet? Taken a drink of water, it's time to sing!

I got a strong back
Steel toes
I rarely call in sick
A good truck
What I don't know
I catch on real quick
I work weekends
If I have to
Nights and holidays
Give you 40
And then some
Whatever it takes
Three dollars and change at the pump
Cost of livin's high and goin' up.

Ronnie will do hits of his own and cover some of our all time favorites recorded during his time as one half of  Brooks and Dunn. When is it? August 16 Brought to you by us (K99) and Papa Murphy's at the Budweiser Event Center.

Get ready to "Rock My World" the countdown is on... now you have something to check off your calendar... start counting the days!