Today is a special anniversary for me. It was 7 years ago today that I had a heart attack. I can't believe 7 years have passed. I cherish everyday that I am here and am so grateful to still be here loving this life I get to live. I will never forget that day.

I was getting ready to watch the Patriots take on Peyton Manning and the Colts in the AFC Championship. We had gotten a bunch of snow and I decided I would shovel the drive before the game. I had been having a recurring pain in the back of my shoulder for days but didn't really think anything of it. As I was shoveling the shoulder pain started to get more and more intense. I finished up and went inside. As I was sitting in my chair I felt a pain shoot down my arm into my chest. I clutched my chest and gasped. My daughter looked over and honestly said "Are you okay? Do you need pie?" After much debate I decided against the pie and just kept holding my chest.

After a few minutes I finally called for my wife. I said this is it. I need to get to the hospital. We should have called 911 but were so freaked out that she just drove me to the ER. They asked me what my pain level was and I responded with an "F" word that was neither four nor five. They got me in and did their magic. I am so grateful for the medical field and the invention of stents. I am alive because of their expertise.

Just a couple months after the attack I bought my Harley. It made me realize that you never know when you are going to go so do what you want to do now before it's too late. I have appreciated the beauty of life more than ever over the last 7 years. I can honestly say I cry every day, not from sadness, but from the beauty of life. It could be a baby's smile, a beautiful sunrise, perfectly sung harmony, a touching news story, a sports victory or maybe the touch of a loved one. I am so appreciative of this world and the joy in it. I do not waste my time on grudges or anger. I refuse to let that in for more than a few minutes. I vowed after the heart attack that I would never have another bad day. I may have bad moments or minutes but never a whole bad day.

Take care of yourself and listen to your body. You only get one chance at this life. Embrace it, do what you must to keep yourself healthy, look for the beauty in each day and never take what you have for granted. Live!!