It's really like one of those made for TV movies but this is no movie.  No, this amazing moment happened in real life over the weekend and it's one of the coolest most heartfelt moments you'll see in a long time.


Amongst a field of giants, Jack Hoffman was as bold, strong and tough as they come.  Actually, Jack Hoffman is that everyday.  No, not Jack from Gold Rush.  This Jack Hoffman hails from Omaha Nebraska and is only 7 years old but an inspiration to many, including yours truly.

Jack is battling brain cancer and has since he was about 5. I have no problem telling you that I have tears streaming down my face as I write this because I have a soft spot for good human beings and humanity in general when people prioritize what is truly important at the time.

Saturday during the annual Spring game, the Nebraska Cornhuskers displayed what I consider to be one of the greatest acts in sports history when they brought little Jack Hoffman out on the field to peel off what turned out to be a 69 yard touchdown run.  I'm not sure I could even run 69 yards.

If you haven't seen the video yet here is your chance and  throwing all colors aside, God Bless the Nebraska Cornhuskers for showing what prioritizing really means.