U.S. Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion crashed Tuesday in the Helmand province of Afghanistan claiming 6 of the 7 souls aboard.  The worst crash of it's kind since August of 2011.

Original reports yesterday afternoon mentioned that it was a Black Hawk UH-60 that went down in the Helmand province with 7 Marines aboard, killing 6.  Updated news today though points to a U.S. Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion.

From what I can tell there has been no mention of the survivors account but the latest reports say there was no enemy fire or contact in the area, pointing to mechanical failure despite an original report out of Washington that claimed the troops had engine failure, crashed and were then in a gun fight. All reports though do lead to one survivor so I would hope to hear the debriefing soon to confirm or debunk.

This is the worst crash of it's kind since the helicopter crash in August of 2011 that claimed the lives of all 38; 30 of them American troops including 22 Navy Seals.