70 Fort Collins kids were in Estes Park for Eco Week when the Colorado flooding started and they had been stranded ever since, but today those 5th graders from Linton Elementary School are now home, safe and sound!

According to KDVR, those students and eight adults are back safe after being stuck in Estes Park for three days, cut off from most of civilization and their families.

Two buses made the trek into Wyoming and then down Trail Ridge road to pick the kids up and returned to a crowd of cheering parents, family members and colleagues.

The thought of having my child stranded so far away from me, while seeing pictures of the devastation in Estes Park must have been unbelievably tough for those parents. I'm glad to see them all get reunited.

Kudos to all the people involved in getting those kids home and thanks to KDVR for being there to share that beautiful moment with the rest of us.