My wife Kyla was walking around the house in her George Strait 60 for 60 t-shirt the other day and got an idea. George's record label is making a push to try to get George's latest hit "Give It All We Got Tonight" to the top of the charts as his 60th number one by his 61st birthday. That would be quite an achievement.

It got my wife thinking about doing something cool too. She challenged the family to a 50 in 50 contest. We have decided we are going to try to lose 50 lbs in 50 weeks. One pound a week is doable goal. I am not going to go crazy with jogging and eating seeds and dirt but I will continue to be more conscious of what I am doing, as I have been lately. I have been feeling much better lately and will be the best me ever in another years time. I am doing this slowly. I am not a public gym person so I will be dancing to our Just Dance 4 Wii game or sweat it out playing some Dangerous Hunts game but I will succeed. The whole family doing it together will be great and we can all be hungry as a group. I hope we don't end up eating each other. Join us in our 50 in 50 campaign. I know this can be done. Give me a year and I will make up for some the damage I've done in the last 40.