Far be it for me to 'teach' anyone how to be happy, but when I read this today from my high school friend Patti's Facebook page I had to pass it along.

I was wrapped up in the story of an elderly woman who had recently lost her husband of 70 years and was moving into a nursing home. I found some beautiful words that I think are great to strive for in all of our lives.


  • Free your Heart from Hatred
  • Free your Mind from Worries
  • Live Simply
  • Give More
  • Expect Less

As I read the list, I realized that it was pretty simple. But not always something that is easy to do. How do you not worry about paying the house payment when your hours get cut, how do not hate the person that almost single handily left you alone with 2 babies and homeless. How do you live simply, give more or expect less when you have almost nothing to begin with?


Nothing is forever, absolutely nothing. Worrying about bills never got them paid, what worrying did was make you yell at your children for little things, made you drive more aggressively as you had no other outlet for your worry and fear and made you blow money you already didn't have because you were ready to give up. Hatred is harder, but all hatred does in the end is turn you dark, bitter and angry all of the time. Hatred can consume your heart. There is only one thing, one person actually in this world that I come close to hating, but I know if I give in, I in turn will become something someone else may hate. And I can't live with that. That brings us to live simply, give more and expect less; in my times of poverty I couldn't have lived too much more simple, I had nothing of value, but myself to give and I expected a lot (like food to feed my children and to come home to the lights and water still on) Today I see where I could have lived more simply, my children, despite how I was raised didn't need everything the richer kids had (the cost was too much and in the end being with me is all they couldn't live without). When it comes to giving, I didn't give myself enough credit for the things that I did for my neighbors, strangers and the like. Opening a door, saying thank you or giving a smile to someone who didn't look like they remembered how is all worth something, what you give has a value and it doesn't have to have a president or inventor on it-from your hand to another, a smile or a gesture can be so much more valuable. Expect less, this is a big one, Nobody should be given everything and we value ourselves more when we appreciate what we have and what we have received. I get that the food on the table isn't enough, but usually there is something. I understand that it sucks to have the water and/or heat turned off, but there is usually a way. You have yourself and hopefully loved ones near, that is so much more that others have.