I have been doing the morning show on K99 for nearly 25 years now. I try to share everything with all of our great fans and let you really get to know me. I do have a few things about me however that you'd probably never guess. I present the Top 5 Things You May Not Know About me, Brian Gary.

5. I Hate Crowds - I am a public person but Ihate being in the public. I love being on stage or in front of a crowd, but if I am in a crowd I have been known to slip into a panic attack. I still even get nervous every time I have a public appearance. I expect to be the best I can be every single time I am out so I put a lot of pressure on myself and that creates anxiety.

4. I Don't Drink - I gave up alcohol about 15 years ago when I found out I was diabetic. I used to be really

good at it. I was even thinking of going pro. I can't ever imagine drinking again because I really like being in control what I say and do. I am still an idiot, I just do it on purpose now.

3. I Have Never Hunted - I have so many friends who love to hunt. I think that is awesome, I just was never exposed to it. I totally understand the allure of it and know many people live for opening day of hunting season. I was raised with a fishing pole but never had a gun. I am a bit of a wuss and am not sure I could kill an animal...the guy ahead of me in traffic maybe, but not a critter.

2. Clowns Freak Me Out - I have never understood the love of clowns. I see a scary looking dude in makeup. Maybe it was all those times I got drunk with rodeo clowns in my drinking days.

1.I Own Every Prince Album - I have a very wide array of musical tastes. I love my Waylon and George Strait but I also love my Van Halen, Kiss and Prince. Yes Prince. I am from Minnesota

and lived in Minneapolis which is Prince country. I have always been amazed at his ability to write, perform and produce every thing he does. I find him to be a genius...a freaky little dude, but a genius none the less. I have sung karaoke twice in my life, once was Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" and the other was Prince's "Kiss".

Now that you know a little more about me please don't quit listening. Did I mention I am very insecure?