Halloween is almost upon us and if you're hosting a a little spooky soiree here are a few Halloween drink recipes for inspiration. Just be safe and remember to drink responsibly. Drinking and driving can ruin your night and maybe your or someone else's life.

  • Brain Hemorrhage

    One oz. Peach Schnapps, One tsp Bailey’s Irish Cream, Two drops Grenadine

    Numinosity (by Gary J Wood), Flickr
  • Witch's Brew

    One-half oz. apricot liqueur, One-half tsp. grenadine, One-half oz. lime juice, One-half oz. vodka, One and one-half oz. cachaca

    mrwynd, Flickr
  • Eyeball Punch

    Two cups of sugar, Three quarts of water, One 13-ounce envelope of unsweetened grape soft drink mix, One 13-ounce envelope of unsweetened orange soft drink mix, One liter of ginger ale, Eyeball candy or eyeball ping pong balls, Two cups white rum

    Editor B, Flickr
  • Bloody Goulada

    Twenty ounces pineapple juice, One 15 Oz. can cream of coconut, One-half cup heavy cream, One cup orange juice, Ten ounces good-quality rum, Three tablespoons corn syrup, One-fourth teaspoon red food coloring

    Dinner Series, Flickr
  • The Zombie

    One-half oz. creme de almond, One oz. white rum, One-half oz. Bacardi 151, One-half oz. triple sec, One and one-half oz. orange juice, One and one-half oz. sour mix, One whole maraschino cherry

    snigl3t, Flickr