I have the ability to embarrass myself on a regular basis, in fact I kind of make a living out of embarrassing myself. I even sometimes go out to embarrass myself on purpose for attention. We tend to think we are the only ones who experience these things but I know there are embarrassing things that ALL of us have done. Here are 5 embarrassing things that I would bet we all have done more than once.

5- Accidentally Spitting In Someones Face While Talking. Don't you hate when you are talking to someone and see a piece of pasta fly out of your face and land on their shirt? So embarrassing when you grab it and eat it.

4- Forgetting The Name Of Someone You Have Met More Than Once. I am guilty of this one all the time. One time I was talking to a friend whose name I certainly should have known but forgot and I asked him how to spell his last name thinking that would help me figure out his name and not sound stupid. He responded H-I-L-L which made me seem even dumber.

3- Passing Gas In An Empty Elevator Or Office. It seems like you could be alone forever in your office and when you finally let go...in walks a co-worker.

2-Waving At Someone Who Wasn't Waving At You. It is hard to cover up this dork moment. I usually run my hand through my hair after this one and act like I was just grooming.

1- Mistaking Someone For The Opposite Gender. I am the victim of this one quite frequently. I cannot tell you how many times a server at a restaurant has come up behind me and called me "ma'am".

Do you have one to add? What am I missing?