The Tebow era officially began yesterday and this could be one heck of ride. Tim Tebow is one of those polarizing figures, people seem to either love him or hate him and yesterday he gave both sides plenty of fuel for the tank. For the first 56 minutes of the game he looked as clueless as I do in a fabric store. Granted we only threw the ball 10 times up until then but they were an awful 10.

Tebow haters had every reason to doubt him and say “I told you so” to all the Tebow lovers..but then it happened. Tebow became Tebow. He led them to an amazing heart stopping finish just like he has done his whole football career. It was far from pretty but it was unforgettable and exciting. I can’t wait to see more this weekend against the Lions.Tim is class and very coachable. He is not one of those players who thinks he knows it all, he wants to learn and get better. I felt like I was watching a young Brett Favre yesterday.

In the 1st 3 ½ quarters of the game, Tebow was 4 for 14 for 40 yards. He finished 13 for 27 for 161 yards with 2 touchdown passes and no interceptions. He also ran for 65 yards on eight carries and a 2-point conversion.

What do you think? Are in on the Tebow bandwagon or not. Tell us your thoughts.