There is no doubt it is a blue Monday today. There is not a Bronco fan around who was not shocked by the defeat to the Ravens. We all worried we were overconfident but we had every reason to be. I felt we had the best offense, defense and special teams in the entire NFL but it didn't happen. The Ray Lewis retirement tour continues and we are left to wonder "what if?"

I believe everyone except special teams contributed to the loss. We can blame Champ Bailey for getting burned like toast. We can blame Rahim Moore for letting a receiver behind him with seconds to go. We can blame Peyton Manning for the stupid fumble. We can blame the D-line for not getting pressure on Joe Flacco enough, but none of those are the reasons. I blame Coach Fox.

After Baltimore had scored to tie the score at 35 we still had 2 timeouts, :31 seconds, the best QB in football and an awesome kicker. How do you not even try to win? I cannot wrap my mind around that. You didn't even try. Atlanta marched into field goal range in less time than that to overcome Seattle yesterday. I have no doubt they could have made a run for it. You owe it to your team to try. I felt like they were playing not lose instead of trying to win. To quote former NFL coach Herman Edwards, "You play to win the game!" Those :31

seconds will haunt me until August.

Great season Broncos but we got no further than last year. I am hoping for big things next year and hope you learn to use the whole game clock and play to win the game.

Check out Coach Edwards famous speech here.