Three dogs on the loose for 3 days...oh the stories they must have!  These service dogs went missing Sunday night. The three dogs ran away from a training exercise at a HA=LO Project facility in Loveland. They were found Wednesday afternoon on County Road 80, near Park Creek Reservoir.

This story ends happily and many of us are now aware of this therapy dog project, see more about them on Facebook-HA=LO.

'First was Aruba, the baby at 5 months she has a slight limp and thin but otherwise okay. . .Next was Bravo 14 months, he got into a tangle with a porcupine, he will recover just fine, Last was Piccolo a 9 month old, he is a bit dehydrated. All are at the ranch and the older two are grounded and all their passports have been revoked. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and prayers.'

My husband, Bob, and I have 2 standard poodles in our lives and appreciate how intelligent they are.  It's a proud moment for us to see our breed chosen to assist and lavish love and joy...our poodles are just goofballs!

Susan Moore, TSM