When you are in your 30's life seems to settle down, but is it taking the form you had hoped or are you making some of these mistakes or choices?

As the Yahoo Small Business Advisor reported, these days life can be busy, even hectic.  But some of the choices we make in life can be detrimental to our lives.

1. Neglecting people in favor of work

Most people regret over working as one of the top end-of-life regrets.  As we get older those meaningful relationships become harder to make.

2. Not finding the right balance between passion and money

Balance in this area is really important and at the same time really tricky. Should you be comfortable where you are or should you strive for more? Should you reap the rewards of working too hard?

3. Thinking you have to follow some sort of script

Sure, having goals is important.  But so is following opportunity when it comes across.

Have any to add to this list?