I cannot put into words my gratitude to all who made this years 28 Hours of Hope the most memorable day of my career. This beat any award or accolade that I could ever receive. I felt such an outpouring of love and support from the community that I still just blown away. We raised over 130K and it was all because of you and your hearts. I am proud to be the voice of these children and responded in a way I have never witnessed.

I did 50+ interviews in the 28 hour span and ended up losing my voice in the process. I am on the proper voice restoration drugs and will be mouthy as ever in a day or two. Until then I will be the quiet guy on the air. That kills me. I am downing the honey tea and steroids and will be in full form quickly. If there was ever a cause I am willing to lose my voice for this is it. Todd wrote a great piece of gratitude you can click on below. He summed it up for both of us. Thank you for making this the greatest place on the planet to live. Together we really do make a difference.