I wrote yesterday about how a letter from a young man named Chance has a real impact on me during the 28 Hours of Hope this year. Today I came into work to find another example of writing that moved me. We received a letter from the Weld County jail from an inmate that touched me.

The inmate "Louie" who wrote to me poured his heart out to me about being in for attempted murder and could be locked up for a long time. He said he saved his money for batteries for the radio so he could listen to whole thing. He went on to say that his father had been abused and that he also had been abused as a child and wanted so badly to be around for his 3 kids to make sure they didn't go through the same thing. He knows now that all the mistakes he has made will not make it possible for him to be there for his kids and that just kills him. He said he was really moved by the interview with Chris Cagle when he talked about holding his kids and watching children's shows on TV. He said that he wished he knew people like us were around back when he was going through it. He also did a cool drawing of Micky Mouse for us as well.

Brian Gary, TSM

We need to make sure all children know we are here for them. There are many lives we can save by just listening and offering our time, words and wisdom. I was very impressed and honored that the 28 Hours can make an impact even behind bars. We are going to set up a time to visit this young man and encourage him to follow the right path. He can't turn back time but he can still be a better man when he comes back into the world if he chooses too.