As, with most country music fans, George Jones held a special place in my heart. He had a way of connecting with a person through his music. Whether it was through one of his heart wrenching ballads or his good time party songs, you had a feeling that he was speaking to ONLY you. The Possum not only had the knack for connecting with his listener, he had the talent of connecting people. George Jones was the one artist that both my Grandma Mishoe and I liked. He was a common thread for family two generations apart. While my Grandma loved "He Stopped Loving Her Today" and "She Thinks I Still Care",I was a sucker for "White Lightening" and "Why Baby Why". My Grandma would have her old George Jones Greatist Hits tape in the tape player while she would be crafting a 3 course lunch from scratch finishing it off with one of her legendary pecan pies.

Those times came to an end 2 days before Christmas in 2000 as my Grandma Mishoe was laid to rest. Since that day, Everytime I hear a George Jones song, it reminds me of one of the greatest women the world had ever had the fortune of hosting. When I heard of the Possum's passing, I immediately started to cry, because I thought the one thing on this earth that connected my Grandma and I had been taken from us. Then, I realized that even though the man is gone , his music will live on. With that, my connection to my Grandma will live on too. Thank you George Jones for all your great music, but most of all, thank you for all the memories with one of your fellow angels, my Grandma Mishoe. Rest in peace you two.