As if there was any doubt, the 26th Annual Righteous Ride/V-Twin Motors Toy Run was more than successful and a fantastic turnout even due to the inclement weather conditions and icy roads.

Let's face it...yesterday was a tad chilly and not what you would call an 'ideal' riding day but when you consider the was a GREAT day to ride!

Let me back up and say that even I wasn't sure if I was going to ride.  Not because of the temperature but because of the icy secondary roads so I figured I would chip some ice and see what it was like at 12:30pm and then make a 'game time decision.'   Well, during that time I heard several bikes across town fired up and ready and one buzzing down Hwy 34 so it was GAME ON!

There were quite a few bikes who made the ride and it was a great time by all...especially the party at the end but then again, ever been to a bad toy run party and the ones ending at The 'new' Plantation are always full of fun.

Tons of toys were raised for the Salvation Army and when you see how many toys are being stuffed in their van you quickly realize that it's not nearly as cold as you once thought.  It warms the heart for sure.

Big thanks to Willie Spaedt, TC "Claus", the Sundowners, The 'new' Plantation and everyone who made the 2011 run what it was and a special thanks to Roger Schmidt who called in a city work truck to come plow around the staging area and drop some rock salt for all the bikes coming in.

Till next year...Merry Christmas from A Righteous Ride and V-Twin Motors!