I'm not sure about you, but I am easily drawn in by seemingly interesting material. The problem with this 'problem' is that many seemingly interesting bits turn out to be sleepers. Let me explain, my friend has a show dog. The dog is a breed I hadn't heard of until she acquired one. Zoe is an Alaskan Klea Kai.

A Spitz type miniature dog. The breed is said to be intelligent and energetic.  Zo Zo, as she is commonly called is both. Her parents are dear friends of mine and have a tendency to baby this little beauty. I would dare say they treat her like a child. They do have three children and another dog, a Jack Russell that has lived a long life. And they are kind to all those in the family and their extended family, which I am happy to say I am a member. So what is this all about... what is with the 2:54 I will never get back? Haven't we all fallen prey to it from time to time? Prey to the "wait for it... wait" it's gonna get better family photo's and videos. When I logged onto Facebook and saw that there was a video from Zoe's birthday, I thought yay... I get to see my extended family. As with all family, we don't get together as often as we should. So, I sit there in front of the computer for 2 minutes and 54 seconds waiting for something exciting to happen as Zoe 'opens' her birthday presents. No video of mom, no video of dad, no video of little brother (the only sibling left at home), nothing! Just Zoe, all intelligent and less than energetic looking at dad, I think its dad, I only can see his arm and I can just imagine what Zoe is thinking. Zoe is most likely thinking the same as me, what's going on? I love this extended family and even the show dog who just celebrated her first birthday, but really, dear friends, at least make her do tricks next time or invite me over for cake!