The 2012 Journey 4 Justice National Rally has come and gone and although our numbers were down this year, we actually had the most local support we have had in over a year. If you are not familiar with the Journey 4 Justice, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church over a year ago now, I decided that I was going to make a trip to Topeka Kansas and express my right to free speech as well on their doorstep. True to my word, I have made 6 trips now and let’s just say that we were heard and still being heard! We are adamant about our overall goal and that is to hold American's Most Hated Family and the Topeka Police Department and Chief Ron Miller accountable for their actions.

For those who traveled thousands of miles again this year, thank you on behalf of every member and our Board of Directors. Teams rode and drove from New York, Kansas, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska this year.

As their are many stories to tell, the ones that really mattered were our continued battle with most of the Topeka Police Department. One would think those guys would love what we do, and even though they must remain 'neutral' they could be a little nicer when being called out to deal with us by the wet burro scum.  For example:

The TL (team leader) for Texas 3, Gary Fortner, encountered several squad cars while his team, part of New York 2 and Colorado 6 were at the wet burro compound during their so called 'service times' which are daily from 7am to 10pm believe it or not. During these times we must be 50' away from their property, which we always are. So the dead phelps called Topeka's finest and threatened Gary with jail if they did not disperse. Then they demanded to see his drives license which Gary did not and then informed the officer that unless your operating a motor vehicle it's not required. The point here is that just like wet burro, the TPD has tried to intimidate us for a year and a half now with these tactics.

I had taken my crew to the the scumbags law firm. That's right, their law firm. One of my favorite places to go because I could care less if they are lawyers; it's still a public sidewalk. When we first pulled up across the street to park, one of the elders was out pulling weeds and by the time we had assembled our flags and started to cross the street she went inside to hide. We had been there for about half an hour peacefully walking the sidewalks and listening to fire trucks etc... blaring their horns in support of us. Myself, Gene-O Overhoff from Missouri 5 and Chad Windnagle from New York 2 were standing on a part of the sidewalk that crossed the driveway just having friendly conversation when 2 squad cars pulled up. Keep in mind it's on a Saturday and the law firm wasn't even open so there wasn't a car in the parking lot. The first thing out of the officers mouth to me was

Just to let you know they have every intention of signing a complaint against you for blocking the sidewalk.

But wouldn't you know it, whichever daughter (we think it was large marge) who called in the complaint against us wouldn't answer the door. They NEVER do. It doesn't matter if we are at their compound or law firm, they call the cops and then never answer the door. I can't tell you how many times this happened since June, 2011. If you or I did that we'd be instantly ticketed and/or thrown into jail with a court date for all the 'nuisance calls' and taking emergency personnel off of the job. We were upset we didn't get a ticket and even mentioned that. Don't threaten me with a ticket unless you mean to go through with it.

I want my day in court with these coward bastards!

3 squad cars?  Of all the times the police have been called on us I/we have never seen just one car. It's always multiple vehicles. I know it sounds odd but unless you see it for yourself, you would think the TPD is purposely just 'ignoring' this foul problem in Topeka KS.

We have even sent letters to authorities in Topeka including Ron Miller, Chief of Police and we can't even get a response. Well, that's about to change my friends because we ARE going to get some answers come hell or high water and we are going to force them to do nothing more than their JOB!

The taxpayers of Topeka KS should be furious!

Never before has there been a group like Journey 4 Justice for the simple fact that we do what most everyone else is scared to do because they think they will be sued for 'giving them a taste of their own medicine.' Our members have traveled over a half million miles in a year and a half and never has anyone been arrested. That's the beauty of what we do. There is nothing anyone can do because we abide by the law 100% and utilize the same 1st Amendment right that the cowards of the wet burro 'church' use to spread their vile and hateful message.

To make our vision work takes you! If you're not there, then the police don't get called and the problem goes on. If you do go rest assured the police will be called and then document the complaint NOT being answered and the TPD and wet burro's are only shooting themselves in the foot.

They think we are going to just fade away; we're not but this group must be fueled by it's members. Want to help take corruption down and rid the country of a disease? Then we want you and there isn't one member who won't tell you that once you see and do what we do you'll 'get it' and you too will want JUSTICE!

Are we afraid that the TPD or the wet burro's will see this story? Good lord no...we hope they do so feel free to slam the Topeka papers and Kansas TV stations with this story. If you know someone of importance, share the story and if you work for the wet burro's or TPD then rest assured we are going to turn up the heat!

Many of you reading this today know I am a man of my word and I do what I say and I expect the same from those I surround myself with. Hundreds of you last year thought J4J was a great idea and signed up to do what we have been doing yet we don't see you.

Where are you? We need you step up and take the action you won't regret it. Here are photos from this year's Journey 4 Justice.