When I saw the listing of the K99 Top 11 stories of the year it really hit home that never in a million years would I have ever believed that my life could have changed so drastically in such a short amount of time based on my belief that while I probably wasn't going to "change anything" or "make a difference" I was just sick and tired of burying my head in the sand and letting someone else deal with problems that affected me.  So, I took a ride with a few friends to Topeka Kansas in June of 2011 to "express MY right of free speech" and as they say, the rest is history.

When I saw the Top 11 posting on our website last week I was pretty sure that the original story that went viral on June 7, 2011 would be #1 on that list but to have the #2 and #3 spots as well was a bit of a surprise to be honest and that's when it hit me.

The magnitude of this whole "Journey 4 Justice" thing...mind blowing!

46 state teams from across this great country representing 20 States and still growing in less than a year!

I knew back in July that winter was coming and that long distance teams would be scare in Topeka but those close and especially Topeka 1 have stepped up to the plate beyond anyone's wildest imagination!  TL's Sonya and Richard Wilder {Bonnie & Clyde} along with all their members including Nanny Oakley, Becky Lesher, Anne Rigdon, Jonathan Huss,  Michelle, Randy, Brenda & Steve who tenaciously pursue our dreams and goals and have been on the street corners of Topeka EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.

"Thanks" does not even come close to covering how I feel about these people!

There are some TL's {team leaders} I feel that deserve to be recognized as well for their multiple trips and the many miles they and their team members have traveled to fulfill our mission and/or what they have contributed to aid in our growth for 2011.

  • Al Smeal - Kansas 1 {Check out this nice video he put together}
  • Chris Johnson - Kansas 4
  • Teri Bloom - Missouri 1
  • Lesli Wulf - Nebraska 1
  • Tommy Watson - Mississippi 1
  • Ron Martin - Nebraska 2

Honorable mentions go to Nebraska 2 TL Ron Martin and his team of 13 on their first trip and Texas 3 TL Gary Fortner who rode with 12 from the great state of Texas.

It's time to start planning those Spring and Summer trips so let's get busy and make 2012 a year that won't soon be forgotten.  There are many teams who formed last year who have yet to make a trip so let's get everyone to Topeka in 2012!

Colorado 1 will be representing our great State (5000+ miles} multiple times in 2012.  Not sure on my team members for these dates but I will personally be in Topeka on:

  • April 14/15
  • June 2/3
  • July 14
  • September 6/7/8/9

It's no secret to many who know me that the number "4" now has a special place in my heart forever and it seems that every time I turn around that number pops up in significant ways.  Make the #4 important in YOUR life and make that trip to Topeka this year; trust me when I say it DOES make a difference and it's a weekend you won't soon forget!


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