The OJ Simpson slow speed chase was one of those things that happened and everyone remembers where they were. It happened 20 years ago today. I can vividly remember coming home and being glued to the news footage. Why aren't they shooting out his tires? They would have to any other average Joe. This was the beginning of a huge mess of mishandling a situation. I will go to my grave having no doubts that he did it. An innocent man does not react the way he reacted. I still feel this was one of the worst handled cases in the history of our justice system and the chase itself was responsible for the huge influx of "reality television" that we have to sit through today. I am thrilled that he is in prison but wish it was for the murders and not a sports memorabilia hassle.

Do you remember where you were when it happened? I know that evening of the chase we were hosting a premiere for the movie "Primal Fear" with Richard Gere and Edward Norton. Every time I see that movie I remember "the chase." Here is a trailer for the movie that came out the day of the slow speed pursuit and news footage from the chase itself.