20 years ago today I quit watching late night talk shows. It on this date back in 92 that Johnny Carson signed off as the host of The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson is the reason I got into this business. I grew up watching this man and wanted to be him. I wanted to do what he did. It seemed like everyone loved and respected him. He rarely did interviews or shared anymore of himself than he was willing to give us every weeknight. He kept his private life private but gave us so much every night.

Every night at 10:30 we would gather in front of the TV and watch Johnny do his monologue and then we would go to bed. We would not go to sleep until we all sat and watched Johnny first. Even when he was bombing, he made it funny. He was a small town Nebraska boy who always kept that small town demeanor, which is why I think he was so like-able. Many have come and gone since Carson but no one will ever be what he was. Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon and all have had big shoes to fill but never will. I started going to bed earlier 20 years ago and get more sleep now but don't have a smile on my face like I used to. Thanks for all the memories Johnny.

Who in your opinion is the late night king now?