Jason Meadows, a Nashville Star alumnus who didn’t score a major-label deal but nonethless is producing interesting and compelling music and this video is no exception and one of the most powerful songs and messages I have ever heard.

I only came across this video today when I walked into the studio this morning and the very first call was from a listener who asked if I had ever heard of the song and I told him that no I hadn't but I assured him I would go check it out on YouTube.   Once I did I felt like many of you who haven't heard of this song would appreciate it as much as I do.

The instrumentation of “18 Video Tapes” is perhaps not truly neo-traditional, but Jason is clearly channeling some honky-tonk legends with his twangy vocals. The lyrical structure is classic neo-traditional and manages to strike an authentic balance between sadness and salvation.

A terminally ill father records himself for his unborn son, and his child watches one tape each year of his life until he is ready to pass his father’s lessons on to his own children.