So imagine, your making your morning coffee this weekend. Perk, perk, perk, you wait for that fresh cup of Joe. Then, as you begin to pour the hot coffee into your favorite mug, the handle on the coffee pot breaks!  Hot coffee all over your hands, your feet, broken plexiglass everywhere..  nice.

Black & Decker is recalling almost 160,000 of their coffee makers- see if your home has one -- when you 'Read More'!

One of the biggest names in coffee makers has issued a voluntary recall of their most popular product. Nine different models of Black & Decker's "Spacemaker" coffee makers are involved, after reports of nearly 70 people being injured with cuts and burns because of the handle of the pot breaking off during use.  Bottom line, that would NOT be pleasant!

From CNN:

The particular models involved are the 12-cup coffeemaker version with a molded handle the same color as the machine and a silver metallic bracket running around the glass near the bottom, the safety commission's recall announcement said.

The recall includes model numbers SDC740, SDC740B, SDC740BR, SDC740C, SDC740DIS, SDC740R, SDC750, SDC750C and SDC750DIS. The model number is printed on the underside of the coffeemaker.

Black & Decker's parent company, Applica Consumer Products issued the recall notice, including a picture of the sci-fi looking brew machine-