Call 1-800-500-2K99 now to donate!

The next two days are the biggest of the year in the lives of the Good Morning Guys. The 14th annual 28 Hours of Hope started at 5 am today (Thursday, March 22nd) and goes  through 9 am Friday the 23rd. Brian and Todd will stay on the air for 28 consecutive hours collecting money to help abused children in northern Colorado. This event means more to us than anything we do all year.

The fact that there are children who are robbed of innocence, self-esteem and childhood in general, makes me sick. There are too many children who have turned to a person they trusted and had that trust violated. Where do these kids turn then? They can turn to us. We have your backs kids. This community bands together every year and shows their love for these kids in the form of donations and support. The awareness this event causes is just as important as the money we raise. We will shine the light on the hell that is child abuse. It is an ugly topic but we need to deal with it and we need to help these groups that help our children.

We will do the work. We will book a ton of guests from the country music and entertainment world to call in and lend their voices. We will work the phones and talk and entertain but you are the one who needs to make this work. It is you who drives the 28 Hours of Hope. Your donations make the difference and help fund these groups so they can do what they need to do. We need you to make that happen.

We will have many ways for you to give. You will be able to call in your pledges to the our phone lines at 1-800-500-2599 or click on the Donate Now button. You will be able to bid on some items in our online auction and you may certainly stop by the studios at 600 main street in Windsor and drop off your donation. The part that just gets me so excited is seeing all the children who dump out the change in their piggy banks and bring it to us saying, “this is so the kids don’t have to hurt anymore”. That just fills my soul. This would be a much kinder world if children ran it.

There are children out there who need a hero. You have a chance to be one and give to the 28 Hours of Hope. It makes a difference. Help us help the Larimer County Child Advocacy Center, a Kid’s Place in Greeley and Namaqua Center in Loveland. We can make it a better world for them.

Here are some pics from last year's event: