Christopher Dorner, a disgruntled former LAPD officer is currently barricaded in a mountain cabin after reportedly killing one deputy and wounding another during a gun battle this afternoon.

Authorities have a cabin surrounded near Big Bear Lake which it Northeast of LA about 100 miles. Dozens of SWAT officers and armored vehicles have been sent to the scene and are currently trying to end the hostile situation.

Hundreds of rounds" were exchanged in about half an hour during the gun battle around 12:30PM between fugitive Christopher Dorner and law enforcement officers Tuesday afternoon. Days ago, Dorner broke into a cabin off Route 38, a source said. He allegedly tied up the couple inside and held them hostage until Tuesday morning when he left. It is unclear whether Dorner stole their vehicle or another, but Fish and Wildlife officers knew to be on the lookout for a white pickup truck when they spotted Dorner driving one and attempted to stop him.


A 3-mile-wide perimeter has been set up by police, and authorities were asking news helicopters not to broadcast live video of the cabin which is why you probably can't find it online.  The San Bernardino sheriff's office said two wounded deputies were removed from the original shoot out location with and their conditions were not immediately known though other sources have said one of the deputies did lose their life. No other details are known at this time.

This looks like the end of the line for another madman!  Let's just hope his hostages are safe and unharmed.