Ronald McDonald is keeping his job. Despite pressure from a group known as Corporate Accountability International who paid for ads saying that Ronald was encouraging unhealthy eating habits and contributing to childhood obesity and related diseases such as diabetes, McDonalds CEO Jim Skinner says Ronald is staying and is “an ambassador of good” and pointed out that he is also the face of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Skinner went on to say that “we provide many choices that fit with the balanced, active lifestyle. It is up to them to choose and their parents to choose, and it is their responsibity to do so”. Thank you Mr. Skinner for not caving in to these fools. When are we going to start taking responsibility for our own actions?

We, as a society, seem to always be looking for someone else to blame for our problems. I can promise you that Mayor McCheese and Grimace have never held a child down and forced a cheeseburger down its throat. If a cartoonish clown has more influence on your children than you do, you are not doing your job as a parent. I admit that Ronald creeps me out a bit, I feel that way about all clowns, but he certainly is not evil. I think blaming Ronald for a child being overweight is like blaming a Clydesdale for someone being an alcoholic. Hats off to McDonalds for not giving in to the vocal minority of clowns and keeping our beloved mascot. Do you think Ronald should have kept his job?