I received an email last week from Tracy Davis telling me how proud she was of her 10-year-old daughter Kylie.  You see, Kylie is raising money for her 13-year-old cousin, Jette, who is battling cancer. The fundraiser is called Jette's Journey and it's not too late for you to help.  Tracy's letter touched my heart. It explains what Kylie has done for her cousin.  I wanted to share it with you. 

Our 13 year old nephew Jette is battling with his second round of Cancer. He has a major surgery coming up in January. The surgery is so extensive that it is going to take two days to complete. As you can imagine this surgery will be very costly.

Our Daughter Kylie came home from school and said she wanted to help her Cousin out someway somehow. She had all these great ideas and lofty goals in mind. We told her to write them down and to ask for a meeting with her Principal to see what could be achieved. He told her to make a plan which she did.

At their second meeting she went in with an outline and an agenda. Kylie decided she wanted to set up a fundraiser. She planned it out and got everything ready that she would need to start it. In addition to talking with her Principal she asked her teachers if her class could write Jette letters of encouragement and support. She also wrote a paragraph for her Principal to read in the daily announcements as a reminder, and she wrote a paragraph for herself so she could go to each classroom and explain why she was wanting to do this fundraiser.

We made posters and banners and went to school an hour and a half early Monday morning to get it all set up. So began the Penny Wars for "Jette's Journey" at Winona Elementary! The staff at Winona has been incredibly supportive of her cause!