I've not had a dog since February when 13-year-old Jazzie crossed the rainbow
bridge. It's been lonely without a best friend and constant companion. July 22 I pick
up my new puppy from a local breeder of Standard Poodles. There are nine littermates that I have not yet met. While I'd like an exact copy of my beloved Jazzie,
I know the new pup will come with its own special personality, keen intelligence, and
all the goofiness of the breed...poodles are just natural clowns.


Photo Courtesy of Terry Jester


In preparing the nursery, there's a mid-size kennel with the baby blanket my friend Kyla made AND all kind of new toys she bought us. But, here's my dilemma. I want the puppy to sleep with me. Before I tell my husband that, I'd like your opinion.

I want the puppy to sleep with me. What do you think?